Television Recycling in Seattle

Old TV’s can be a challenge to get rid of when you get a new TV and when moving or downsizing. Washington State has an E-Cycle program that offers free TV recycling in Seattle. There are other places that will accept a television for recycling but most charge fees. The website has a look up option to locate the nearest location. Some locations only accept smaller televisions so check with the location when ready to drop-off. There is often a limit of the number of TV’s that you can drop-off at a time.

Locations nearby in Seattle include most Goodwill stores, and RE-PC stores (Seattle & Tukwila).

If none of the E-Cycle locations are convenient you can check for more locations though most will charge a fee.

Before recycling your old TV consider trying to sell or give away for free the television on an online resell website such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and OfferUp. Someone might want you’re old TV and it’s better that it extend the life of the television before recycling.