Goodwill Stores

Goodwill thrift stores provide an easy way to both purchase and donate used items. Many might not know that they are an electronics drop off location with the Washington State E-Cycle Recycling Program. You can drop off televisions, computers, laptops, monitors, tablets, eReaders, and portable DVD players without a fee. Not all stores have the same drop-off options so check with your local store first. For example, some accept used furniture while others don’t.

Some stores often have long lines for dropping off items so consider going to another nearby store or Goodwill truck that are often located in retail parking lots.

Goodwill stores are a drop-off location for Threadcycle. It’s recommended to put Threadcycle items in a separate bag or box labeled with Threadcycle. Besides the Threadcycle and E-Cycle Recycling Program option Goodwill stores are looking for items that are in good condition that can be resold.

As always, make sure to remove all personal data from electronic devices.