Apple Trade In & Recycling

Apple has several recycling programs including a trade in for new apple products, trade in for gift card, and recycling programs.

The trade in program towards a new Apple product will give you credit towards a new purchase. You can bring in the item to an Apple store or process online. If you bring item to the store and make an Apple store purchase you will receive a credit for the new item you’re purchasing. This is the simplest and quickest option and you will be able to confirm the trade in value.

The trade in program for an Apple gift card for a future purchase accepts both Apple and products from other manufacturers. This is process only online and you will be provided a quote for your item on the website.

Apple has a free recycling program for electronics for both Apple products and products from other manufacturers. The recycling option needs to be completed online unless it’s an Apple product which you can drop off at an Apple store.

The trade in options are constantly changing. It’s best to trade in your electronics as soon as you no longer need them for the best price. There is an exception with older items that have become classics or that are needed for parts for legacy electronics. Look at online resell sites such as eBay to resell outdated electronics.

Trade In Items for Credit Towards a New Apple Product or Gift Card

  • Apple Watch
  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Macs
  • Smartphones: both iPhones and other brands including Android phones, Samsung etc.

Recycling Options

  • Apple products can be taken into Apple stores or recycled online.
  • Most electronics, both Apple and other manufacturers using Apple’s online recycling process.