Mattress & Box Spring Recycling

Whenever you’re moving, mattresses are often one of the most difficult items to get rid of. When buying a new mattress many mattress companies will take your old mattress for recycling. Check for this option unless your mattress is in good enough shape to sell or donate. Always consider selling or donating a mattress first if it’s in good condition. There have been changes with places accepting mattresses for recycling and donations because of the COVID pandemic so contact locations to verify what they’re accepting.

One thing to remember is that disposal and recycling fees are per item so a fee for the mattress and a fee for the box spring. Sometimes there’s an additional charge for king size mattresses.

Sell & Donate Used Mattresses & Box Springs

If the mattress is in decent condition try to sell or donate on a local online resell site like Craigslist, OfferUp, and Facebook Marketplace or local neighborhood apps like Nextdoor etc. If you live in an apartment building or condo put up a flyer to see if someone in the building is interested. This will make it easy for someone to look at it and for moving.

Recycling Used Mattresses & Box Springs

Take it apart & recycle materials

One option, is to take apart the mattress and box spring set. Some of the items can be recycled including some of the metal a scrap yard might buy. It will be easier to dispose of different items or you can repurpose the materials.

Local Recycling Events

Many cities have recycling events where you can drop off a mattress and box spring for a fee. Usually the fees are less during these events than fees at other locations.

Mattress & Box Spring Recycling Companies

There are businesses and non-profits that actually recycle mattresses and box springs by taking them apart and recycling materials. They usually charge a fee. There aren’t any in the Seattle area but some outside of Seattle.

  • Arlington Recycle Warehouse is located in Everett.
    • Drop off fees are $10 per item for twin and crib mattresses and mattress toppers, $25 for king size mattresses and box springs per item, and $15 for other sizes.
    • They have a pickup option for Arlington, Lakewood, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Granite Falls, Tulalip, Stanwood, Everett, Lynnwood and Edmonds for $25 per item with a $60 minimum, and king size mattresses and box springs are $50 each.
    • Accepts steel bed frames free of charge.
  • King County transfer stations recycle mattresses and box springs and charges a $30 fee per item. Seattle residents are excluded from this option and King Country requires proof of address to drop off items at transfer stations.

Mattress Pick Up for Disposal (Seattle residents)

You can request a mattress and box spring pick up from the city of Seattle for $30 per item. You need to request a special pickup and they will pickup the mattress and/or box spring on next garbage pickup day. Request pickup and more info.

You can also take the mattresses and box springs to a Seattle transfer station. The minimum fee is $33 per trip which includes up to 420 pounds. There are two transfer stations, one in North Seattle, in the Wallingford neighborhood, and one in South Seattle, in the South Park neighborhood.