West Seattle Recycling

West Seattle Recycling is a recycling business that buys some recyclable items and are a drop off location for others. Many recyclable items can be sold at recycling companies. They have a simple to use, comprehensive list of items they buy, accept and don’t accept. Check their website for an extra cash coupon for bonus amount for aluminum, copper, brass, and newspaper.


Items they buy

Prices as of 8/26/2021 for example purposes only. Check website and business for current prices.

Aluminum Cans

This is cans only, that are empty and clean.

Prices are: under 25 lbs. .24¢, over 25 lbs. .27¢, over 100 lbs. .30¢, and over 200 lbs .32¢.

Aluminum Scrap

This includes siding, door and window frames, auto and machine parts, lawn furniture, pots and pans.

Prices: under 25 lbs. .32¢, over 25 lbs. .35¢, and over 100 lbs. .38-.40¢.


Just newspapers and does not include junk mail, magazines, boxes, phone books and items besides newspapers.

Prices: under 500 lbs. .03¢, over 500 lbs. .03 1/2¢, over 1000 lbs. .04¢.

Hi Grade Paper

This includes just clean hi grade paper.

Prices: white ledger/computer paper .05-.06¢, color/coated .03¢, over 500 lbs .04¢.

Non-Ferrous Metals

Copper #1 @ $3.40-3.60 lb.

Copper #2 @ $3.20-3.30 lb.

Insulated copper wire: hi grade @ $2.30-2.40 lb, med grade/romex @ $1.40-1.90 lb, low grade @ $.70-1.00 lb.

Brass @ $1.90-2.40 lb.

Radiators (clean) @ $1.40-1.80 lb.

Radiators (with steel) @ $1.00-1.30 lb.

Stainless steel (clean) @ .30-.40¢ lb.

Lead, Zinc @ .25-.35¢ lb.

Iron non-ferrous @ $.20-1.20 lb.

Car batteries @ $5.00 each, $6.00 for 5 or more.

Ferrous Metals

Price: less than 300 lbs. accept only (no buy back), over 300 lbs. @ .03¢ lb, $1 prepared @ .04¢ lb.

Accept for Drop Off (No Payment)

Aluminum Foil
Aluminum Pie Plates/Trays
Cardboard, flattened
Egg Boxes
Iron (less 300 lbs, more 300 lbs buy back)
Junk Mail
Mixed Paper
Phone Books
Steel (less than 300 lbs., more 300 lbs buy back)
Telephone Directories
Utensils, metal
Water Heaters