REI Buy Back Program

REI has a buy back program for many items that REI sells. If REI accepts your items they will provide you a digital REI gift card that you can use at REI stores and their websites. Items cannot be more than 6 years old and need to be in very good condition. Currently the program is available online and in person at the Seattle REI store. You need to be an REI co-op member to participate in this program. The downtown Seattle REI store has a section of the store on the second floor by the shoes and bathrooms where you can buy used REI items including clothes, shoes, camping tents & bags, and other items that REI sells at a discounted price since items are used.

The website has a lookup feature where you can locate the items you are interested in selling. They website will provide an estimate range for your item including a shipping fee. The shipping fee will be deducted from the gift card amount. Be aware that there’s no guarantee that REI purchases your items if they don’t match description, aren’t in great shape, have something missing etc. and REI doesn’t return items they don’t purchase. Items don’t have to have originally been purchased at REI but they must be something they have sold. This is a convenient way to get credit for items that you purchased and rarely used.

Trade In Items

Hiking Boots
Running Shoes
Sleeping Bags

Not Accepted Trade In Items

Broken items
Damaged items
Items that are dirty or stained
Items with missing pieces
Items REI has never sold
Safety gear
Shoes with heavy wear or missing insoles