Style Encore

Style Encore is a used women’s clothing store in Issaquah that buys fashionable women’s clothes that are currently trendy. They pay cash or you can also get store credit.

How it works:

  1. Gather clothes you no longer want that are in great shape and clean.
  2. Bring your government issued ID to show when you bring in your clothes.
  3. Take them to your local store (in Washington there’s only 1 location in Issaquah).
  4. The store will then evaluate your clothes and decide which items they’re interested in purchasing.
  5. You don’t need an appointment but it will depend on how busy the store is and how many items you bring how long it takes.
  6. You can wait in the store or return at a later time (depending on time estimate).
  7. The store will give you an offer for the items they’re interesting in purchasing.
  8. You decide what you want to sell and they’ll pay you cash at that time.