Motor Oil

It is important to recycle used motor oil to protect the environment. Depending on where you live there are different recycling options. Many auto repair shops, auto supply stores, and gas stations that sell motor oil are recycling drop off options.

The City of Seattle Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) offers free used motor oil recycling option as part of their special items collection waste management services. There is a limit of two 1-gallon containers and they need to have a label with your address. Place next to recycling cart on recycling collection day.

There are four Hazardous Waste Disposal locations in King County located in Auburn, Factoria, North Seattle, and South Seattle. They are a drop off location for motor oil.

There’s a traveling Wastemobile that goes to different locations throughout the year. The Wastemobile accepts motor oil and many other household hazardous waste items. Check their website for a complete list of items they accept.