Don't hang on to meds. Keep your family safe. Take unused medicine to a drop-box near you.
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There are many locations in the Seattle and outlying areas where you can dispose of expired and unwanted medicines. Most pharmacies should have a drop-off box. The boxes look like mail drop off boxes. Police departments and health care locations can also be drop off locations for unwanted medicines. Some libraries are offering mail-back packaging to mail in old medicine for free.

It’s important to discard properly old medications to prevent unwanted use both intentionally and unintentionally. It’s important to not dispose of medications by flushing them down the toilet. This contaminates the water system and can have long term consequences.

Mail in options are available from the MED-Project for differentially-abled and homebound residents. Complete online form to receive a pre-paid mail back package. This is a free service that includes medicine, inhalers and pre-filled injection products. Mail back services are available for everyone for inhalers and pre-filled injector products. There are separate mail in packages for each of these items which can be ordered at

Make sure to remove personal information from the containers. Use a permanent marker to cover personal information or peel off the section of the label with personal information.

Accepted medicines: Medications in any dosage form, except for those listed below, in their original container or sealed bag. This includes inhalers and pet medication.

Not accepted medicines: Herbal remedies, vitamins, supplements, cosmetics, other personal care products, medical devices, batteries, mercury-containing thermometers, sharps, illicit drugs, and pet pesticide products.

Disposal locations include Costco Pharmacy, CVS Pharmacy, QFC Pharmacy, and Bartell Drug Stores.

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