LightRecycle Mercury-Containing Lights Recycling Program

LightRecycle is a non-profit program to support Washington State law that requires mercury-containing lights to be recycled. When you purchase a mercury-containing light you will be charged $0.95 Environmental Handling Charge for each light to cover the costs of the program. The program provides drop-off locations to recycle these lights for free. You can drop off up to 10 items per day. Since the recycling fee is prepaid at time of purchase you should not be charged from recycling these items.

Program Fee

Each mercury containing light is charged a $0.95 fee at time of purchase. Multi-packs are charged a fee per light. The fee is taxable.

Accepted Items

  • Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs)
  • Fluorescent Tubes (up to 8-feet in length)
  • High Density Discharge Lights (HID)