Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can be donated so they can be given to someone with hearing loss who can’t afford to purchase a hearing aid.

The University of Washington (UW) Speech & Hearing Sciences department has a Hearing Aid Assistance Program. They accept donations of hearing aids which they provide at a low cost to people needing a hearing aid. You can donate both in person and by mail. Learn more about the program and donating at their website. Donating to this program is tax deductible.

Previously The Lions Club had hearing aid donation boxes but now they’re referring people to The Hearing Aid Project. The project accepts hearing aid donations by mail. They will provide a letter confirming your donation since donations to their program can be tax deductible.

The Hearing, Speech, & Deaf Center doesn’t accept hearing aid donations but they do accept assistive technology donations. They ask that you contact them with information about your equipment and they will verify if they’re accepting it. Accepted equipment can be dropped off in person at their Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellingham locations or can be mailed in. Learn more at their website.

Costco accepts hearing aid donations at their Hearing Aid Centers.

There are constant changes with recycling because of COVID. It’s recommended to contact a location to verify they’re still accepting donations.