Crossroads Trading

Crossroads Trading buys used Women’s and Men’s clothing. They purchase current styles (not vintage clothing). Contact them to see which brands and seasons they are currently purchasing. They pay 50% of what they sell the item for in the store for trade and 30% in cash. They also offer consignment.

Fall 2019


Chunky sweaters, monochromatic colors, micro bags, longline coats, belted blazers, satin dresses, 90’s inspired, prairie dresses, smoking slippers, capes, goth inspired, cargo and utilitarian, asymmetrical necklines, pattern mixing, patchwork, statement belts, strong shoulders, tie-dye, tweed & wool, baroque


Leopard print, selvedge denim, sling bags, trench coats, overcoats, plaid trousers, heavy duty boots, knit pants, tie-dye, knit scarves, puffer jackets, cropped trousers, tech materials

They’re located in Capitol Hill and University District.