Amazon Trade In & Recycling

Amazon has a trade in program for some electronics and video games. Look up items that you no longer want and Amazon shows if they’re accepting items to trade-in for an gift card. Amazon provides free shipping to send in items. Some items you can drop-off at an Amazon Books store, Amazon 4-Star store, and uBreakiFix stores listed on Amazon’s website (verify locations and items at time of trade-in). For some items, you need to sign in to Amazon before they’ll show you if they’re accepting an item and the trade-in price. There is a Find more items link towards the middle of the page where you can look up specific items.

Amazon then refurbishes products and re-sells products or recycles them. Make sure to remove sensitive data on any devices before sending in items, do a factory reset, and remove devices from all of your accounts. Look up devices online to learn more what data needs to be removed and what are best approaches.

Amazon also has a recycling program for Amazon electronic devices. You’ll need to complete a form that describes you product(s) and then you’ll able to print a UPS shipping label. They cover all costs for recycling items.

Trade In Items

These are just some trade-in items. Check website with latest trade-in options.

Apple AirPods
Apple Watch
Bluetooth speakers
Exercise tracking devices, Fitness tracking devices
Gaming equipment: controllers
Headphones: Beats, bluetooth headphones, buds, noise-cancelling headphones, pods
Home security devices: Amazon Cloud Cam, Arlo Security, Blink Home Security, Nest Security, Ring Video Doorbell, Wyze Security
Kindle E-Readers
Smart speakers: Amazon Echo
Streaming Media Players: Apple TV, Fire TV, Google Chromecast, NVIDIA Shield, Roku
Tablets: Amazon Fire Tablets, Apple iPads, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Tablets
Wireless Routers: Amazon eero, Google Nest, Google WiFi system, Netgear